We are happy to Introduce The EggNest™-comprehensive, scatter radiation protection system. Every day, the Entire Interventional Team is at Risk from Scatter Radiation Interventional Cardiologists Career Exposures 50 mSv-200mSv, which is equivalent to 2,500-10,000 chest x-
rays Head is estimated to be 1,000 mSv, which is equivalent to 50,000 chest x-rays.

Longer more complex procedures, lead to more exposure for Interventional Teams The number of TAVR, CTO’s, Multi-Vessel and Peripheral procedures are increasing and lead to longer scatter radiation exposure time.

The EggNest™ is a comprehensive, scatter radiation protection system fully integrated into the workflow of the modern Cath Lab that helps reduce up to 91% Overall Scatter Radiation Reduction. It provides protection for the entire medical team regardless of location, dramatically reducing radiation exposure. It moves with patient, swings with x-ray, providing passive protection with an integrated antimicrobial and impermeable surface for ease of use. With a Carbon fiber base platform and modular shielding components, it is designed for optimal imaging and C-arm motion.