This anatomy table is used for teaching medical students, a virtual anatomy dissection using artificial intelligence.  It is a great educational tool with pre-loaded various slides /videos and other data. The table provides unlimited number of “digital dissection” with high precision and systematic
detailed study of the anatomy, layer by layer & system by system.

The user canͭ create anatomic scenes for their presentations and share themͭ with students. The students can study normal and pathological states of organs and can also enhance their understanding of Ultrasound, CT & MRI. Please refer attached Pirogov brochure for more details.

This interactive 3D table comes with licensed Pirogov Anatomy Application for teachers and students. It provides remote access of 3D atlas with full functionality on any device such as Windows (Computers), IOS and Android (Mobiles). A relevant brochure of Pirogov Teaching Environment is attached for your ready reference.

We have a Pirogov Anatomy unit with us, and we would like to show you the demonstration at your convenience. We will be glad to show the actual working of the table. 

Please feel free to contact us. [email protected]